[bug#8717] Problems with volume analysis and CD Ripping

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[bug#8717] Problems with volume analysis and CD Ripping

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If I have the automatically analyze volume of unanalyzed tracks option set I get this rather undesirable behaviour when ripping tracks.
After the 1st tracked is ripped MM goes and analyzes the volume whilst the next track is being ripped.
After that track is ripped MM than goes and analyzes track 1 again and then track 2.
This is repeated on every track as it is being ripped so on a 12 track album track 1 ends up being analyzed 12 times (track 2 ,11 times and so on..)
Shouldn't volume analysis be put "on hold" until all tracks are ripped? :-? (MM will wear my tags out :) )

To get over that I turned off Auto analyze checkbox which lead me to another problem!
(Not reporting as bug because it may be me :cry: )
I added some tracks to the library which already had track volume gain values set in the tags but no Album volume.
I highlighted the tracks and asked MM to analyze volume - which it did.
After it had finished nothing happened eg no saving of tags
I then tried another album which also had track but no album replay gain tags set and the same result :(
So turned back on auto analyze and MM went and analyzed the tracks again but this time updated the tags and added the album volume :)
Any idea why the manual approach didn't work or is this another bug (sorry undocumented feature :D )

All tracks were mp3's and MM running on Vista (32)
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Re: [bug#8717] Problems with volume analysis and CD Ripping

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