Marantz M-CR603

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Marantz M-CR603

Post by MartinW_42 »

I thought you might like to know that I've just got the latest release of MediaMonkey ( working with my Marantz M-CR603 (as far as I've tested so far).
The previous version (4.0.1) gave a "Not Authorized" error.
(My server is Windows XP SP3)

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Re: Marantz M-CR603

Post by Jonbooi »

Hi Martin
I was considering using MM to stream files to my M-CR603 so I am glad to hear that you have come right.
Just some questions though:
- what type of files have you streamed to your Marantz (only MP3?)
- have you tried to stream FLAC files to your Marantz with MM yet? I have used Mezzmo to play FLAC files on my M-CR603 (not converted to MP3 but played as raw FLAC) but the program is not practical as it crashes all the time.
- have you "pushed" the audio files to your Marantz from MM or did you have to browse on the Marantz's screen to "pull" the audio files that you wanted to play?
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Re: Marantz M-CR603

Post by Lowlander »

You can only pull at this moment.
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