VLC Player plugin (MM2VLC)

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Re: VLC Player plugin (MM2VLC)

Post by RobvP »

It would be great if you could do that, i'm really missing MPEG and MPG.
I also have the problem with freezing in playlists (last few seconds)

Everytime a video starts is does it in a new window (pre-sized) wile i want it to be on my second monitor full size.
Is this perhaps a issue that the videos do not close correctly????? or is it just not a function within the pluggin to manage the viewing screen.

Every thing else is more then perfect.

Re: VLC Player plugin (MM2VLC)

Post by Shepy »

Hi there,

Are there any plans to have it mark the files as played once they have been used with the plugin ? I used "played = 0" to keep only unwatched podcasts synced to my ipod, so need the played count to be accurate?


Re: VLC Player plugin (MM2VLC)

Post by Guest »

Hi all

As previously suggested, mpg mpeg and vob would be great for my use.

But can I say a big thanks to Ian for this plugin anyway. I hope you don't get too fed up with MM users nagging at you!

Thanks again,
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Re: VLC Player plugin (MM2VLC)

Post by dach »

New MM user here. Running on Windows 7/x64

After I first installed MM2VLC plugin, when clicking on a video, I also got :
"CLSIDfromProgID() failed"

Reading through the thread, I followed the advice of running MM as admin. I ran MM once as admin, and now the problem is fixed, fixed in regular user mode too.

Re: VLC Player plugin (MM2VLC)

Post by Big_Cal »

Hi Guys,

I love the idea of this plugin, if MM could be used in conjunction with VLS as a player it would be perfect. At the moment I'm having a lot of trouble getting it to do anything though. Would anyone be able to help answer a few questions please?

Specs: Windows 7 x64, VLC 2.0.1, MM 4.0.3 1476. MM2VLC 2 installed as per instructions on the website.

At the moment the plugin doesnt seem to actually do anything and I'm wondering if I'm not doing this correctly. Should the MM, Options, Player be set to MM Player or Winamp?

If I set it to MM the click play, or right click and play now on a video file (testing MKV but also does it with others) then nothing happens at all. No video or window appears.

If I select Winamp then it opens in winamp as normal.

Have I missed some vital step here?
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Re: VLC Player plugin (MM2VLC)

Post by eMachine »

I am also having the same problem- the only difference is that I have had the plugin up and running for a year, and it just stopped working. I click on a video, the player acts like it sees that I have done so, but no window, no video.

I checked, I have all the necessary files in all the right places, it just diesn't play the videos I try to play.

Re: VLC Player plugin (MM2VLC)

Post by pipelinepig »

Perhaps the plugin doesn't work with vlc 2?

I have VLC 2.1.0 and MM 4.0.7 installed and all the 4 files at the right place and no errors at startup. Just as with the previous two users, MM doesn't react at all when trying to play a video. Thanks for help.
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