double-click balance to centre it

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double-click balance to centre it

Post by Volny »

.....PROBLEM: There is no easy way to centre the left-right balance without resetting the EQ.

.....PROBLEM IN DETAIL: When listening through speakers, which are weighted towards the right of my computer, I need to shift the balance to the left if I want music to be centered. When listening through headphones, I obviously need to shift the balance back to the centre. Unfortunately, there seem to be only two ways to do this.

The first method is to manually shift the slider to the centre. This is not difficult, but getting it precisely in the centre is easier said than done, since there are no markings on the slider, and there is no 'snap to centre' mechanism. You basically have to eyeball it and hope you got it right.

The second method is to press "reset" - but that resets the EQ as well. If I'm swapping between headphones and speakers all day, and I happen to have a custom EQ setting that I like, then I obviously don't want to have to redo my EQ settings every time.

.....SOLUTION: There are a number of simple solutions you could do for this. You could give the balance its own, separate reset button. Or you could introduce markings to the slider coupled with snap-to functionality. I think the best solution however would be to allow double-clicking on the slider to automatically centre it. The audio software that comes with my sound card does this, and it's a handy feature. It would be a discrete and seamless addition to the window: people like me would appreciate it, yet it wouldn't get in the way of anyone else's UI experience.
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Re: double-click balance to centre it

Post by rovingcowboy »

Sounds like a good idea. I've tried several times myself to click it without thinking it just seems normal to click it. 8)
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