MediaMonkey 4.0 Translation - Status

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MediaMonkey 4.0 Translation - Status

Post by rusty »

For MediaMonkey 4.0, here's a list of existing languages that I'll try to maintain so that everyone knows who's working on which files. If you're interested in translating a particular language that does not yet have a confirmed translator, please let me know. Thanks!

Confirmed Translators:
Afrikaans (af) - Danie [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Chinese Traditional (zh-Hant) - Albert [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Czech (cz) - Jiri/Ludek [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Dutch (nl) - Hans/UI & Martin [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Finnish (fi) - Juuso [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
French (fr) - Zemeo [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
German (de) - Enrico [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Italian (it) - Fraxav [completed strings 4.0.1375 + welcome]
Norwegian (no) - Morten [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Polish (pl) - Lukasz [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Portuguese - Brazil (pt-br) - Gervásio [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Portuguese - Portugal (pt) - Carlos [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Slovakian (sk) - Jan [completed strings v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Spanish (es) - Pablo [completed strings 4.0.1375 + welcome]
Greek (el) - Panos [completed strings to 4.0.1375]
Japanese (ja) - Reika [completed strings v4.0.1375]

Russian (ru) - UksusoFF [completed strings except context.po v4.0.1375 + welcome]
Ukrainian (uk) - Igor [completed strings 4.0.1349 and install.po to 4.0.1375]
Vietnamese (vi) - Pham [completed strings 4.0.1349]
Arabic (ar) - Magidco [completed strings v4.0.1375 available as .mo files via forum -- awaiting .po files for inclusion in MM]

Danish (da) - Jacob
Farsi (fa) - alirezanoori
Hebrew (he) - Itai
Serbian (sr) - Peke

Unconfirmed (translators listed are those who've done the last translation):
Chinese Simplified (zh-Hans) - ptma
Croatian (hr) - Emil
Hungarian (hu) - Tamas
Swedish (sv) - Anders
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Re: MediaMonkey 4.0 Translation - who's doing what

Post by ui »

Dutch: Martin = Hans/ui ;o)
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Re: MediaMonkey 4.0 Translation - Status

Post by alirezanoori »

I'm writing a paper which I think will end in coming 2 or 3 days. After that I'll be working on "Farsi (Persian)" language. Please add my name to the list.

Re: MediaMonkey 4.0 Translation - Status

Post by »

I would like to take over the Danish translation if not a other is doing it right now.
I have been translated PHP portals for several years now.
I am also close to updating and correcting the translating there allready are made and will continue of the newest version after that.

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Re: MediaMonkey 4.0 Translation - Status

Post by vokanb »

I would like to translation to Danish, if it is a text file . the old file has many spaces in text and some in english.
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Re: MediaMonkey 4.0 Translation - Status

Post by Lowlander »

That's great news. Instruction on translating are here: ... =8&t=55832
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