Database download to phone or iTouch

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Database download to phone or iTouch

Post by eonmedia »

I am using Media Monkey to copy my CD collection to a NAS drive which we play using our Sonos setup.

All works well but what I would really like to be able to do is have the database on my phone or iTouch so I can look up what I have in my collection when I am searching for CDs/Albums in records shops.

Any suggestions how I do this?


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Re: Database download to phone or iTouch

Post by nohitter151 »

No way to do it other than actually syncing the tracks to your phone or enable media sharing outside the network.
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Re: Database download to phone or iTouch

Post by pushpull »

Another thing you could do is create a report that you open with a spreadsheet app on your phone or touch. If you have personal web space you can even make a web page with this information on it.

Re: Database download to phone or iTouch

Post by gband »

This is something I have been looking into for a couple of years. You can easily export the information you want in a CSV file from MM (though album covers are a bit of a pain). That's the easy part. However all IOS apps I have found for CD/LP/Music database collection do not import easily, or if they do, do not import all information. So the request is when someone discovers a good IOS app to use, then we can find a way to export information from MM. The best of all worlds would be for someone to create an MM IOS app (again not for playing but for browsing the collection) that would synchronize the information from MM. I would pay for this as finding something that works is very frustrating.
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