MM4/MMA Connectivity Problems

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MM4/MMA Connectivity Problems

Post by drjohn61 »

I have been having some issues with connectivity (Android phone to server). Here is what I found out, so far:
1) I have to restart the computer quite often (sometimes after every connection and stopping of MMA) or the server will not show up on the phone.
2) Somehow the DB gets corrupted when a sync does not function correctly and the only way to get MMA to see the server is to restore the DB from a BU.
3) When installing MM4 [v.1638], Norton will remove some of the files that it 'recognizes' as viruses (winamp.exe and decoder.exe). I have no idea if that effects the connectivity, or not, but it can't be too good, right?
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Re: MM4/MMA Connectivity Problems

Post by Lowlander »

winamp.exe is most likely just a text file (this allows you to install WinAmp plugins). Decoder.exe is most likely why sync fails as it is called to do conversion. You should make an exception for it so it can run.
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Re: MM4/MMA Connectivity Problems

Post by Peke »

To clarify:
Winamp.exe: used only for nullsoft plugin installation and if you execute it it just starts mediamonkey.exe
decoder.exe: external decoder app used for multiproce/threading in order to keep main app responsive/not cluttered with multiple threads and make multitasking/background processes faster
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Re: MM4/MMA Connectivity Problems

Post by drjohn »

Thanks Peke,

I did allow the install. I am a little at a loss as to why Norton did not allow it and thought you might want to let others know of the issue. Maybe you can let Norton now it is legit?
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