Crashes with Playlist import

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Crashes with Playlist import

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Hi, I posted this in another forum but see this is where it belongs.

1st off here's the pre-conditions I did:

MMW Steps
1. Install MMW "portable" on Win8 PC.
2. Replace MM.DB with existing MM.DB file from separate Win7 PC
3. Copy All Media Files from Win7 PC folder to Win 8 PC folder
4. Launch MMW on Win8 PC
(Existing Playlists are present due to step 2, but all media files are greyed out due to change of media file path/drive location change in Step 3)
5. Within MMW Goto File>Locate Moved/Missing Files , and point to the location of the media files in Step 3, and let MM Scan through the media files and update the paths in the MM.DB database.
(Media files are now no longer greyed out, and playlists within MM.DB database have valid path links)
6. Within MMW goto Tools>Scripts>Export All playlists and select a folder to export the Playlists to.
(Playlists get exported as M3U files and now have valid links to Media Files on Win8 PC)

MM8 Steps
7. Launch MM8 App on Win8 PC
8. Goto Settings and select Scan for Media and select Add folder, then select folder from Step 3.
9. Select Scan folders now
(This will update the MM8 MM.DB database file with the path locations of the media files)
10. Goto Settings and select Scan for Media and select Add folder, then select folder from Step 6 (location of exported Playlist M3U files).
11. Select Scan folders now
(This should cause MM8 to import the Playlists which now have valid links for the Win8 PC)

The bugs I observed

Bug 1 (App Crash) Playlist Load from library selection.
After I imported the Playlists into the library, and pressed the "Playlist>" selection from the home screen, it then shows me all the available playlist in the library and then select any of the listed playlists, it would start loading the selected playlist, followed by a crash. Happens 100% of the time. However, I'm able to play back a playlist by swiping down from the top of the screen and select "Open file" and then Open the same playlist that previously caused a crash. This playlist playback method "Open file" works without the crash.

Bug 2 (App Crash) "Shuffle All" during Playlist playback
This one I did by mistake. I mistakenly pressed the "Shuffle All" button, while I was playing back a Playlist. It shows I currently have 22050 tracks available in the app after sync completed. So, after I pressed "Shuffle All" and MM8 went off trying to shuffle over 22K songs and I realized I didn't mean to press "shuffle all", I then pressed the pause button, followed by the now playing Shuffle button (then the crash occurred).....the now playing "shuffle" is the button I wanted to press in the 1st place, because I really meant to shuffle the current playlist I was playing and not my entire library.

Bug 3 Inconsistent Track count between MMW and MM8. I'm not sure what is going on here or if this is even a bug because I don't understand what MM8 uses for its "tracks available" count number. In MM8 it shows I have 22,050 tracks available but in MMW which is accessing the same storage media location it shows I have 21,212 files where the majority(ie 97%) are MP3 files with about 45 m4a and 80 flac files. I know I don't have over 800 playlists to make up for the difference....more like about 50 playlists.