Inline Lyrics 3.2 - Updated 29/07/2014

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Re: Inline Lyrics 3.2 - Updated 29/07/2014

Post by trixmoto »

Ok, thanks. I'll take a look when I get a chance.
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Re: Inline Lyrics 3.2 - Updated 29/07/2014

Post by crap_inhuman »

dolf-volkoff wrote:
trixmoto wrote:They have to be in the right format for it to work properly. Any particular errors?
Now that veroK mentioned it, I recall that there was an issue with blank lines in the lyrics. I used to copy timestamped lyrics from MiniLyrics editor and there sometimes was an extra blank line at the end that I didn't notice. It caused some kind of an error, but I don't remember what it said. Now I always check for that and remove blank lines, so the issue doesn't occur to me anymore.

But I think it would be better if the add-on didn't react on things like that with errors, as there might be instances, where the user didn't notice an extra blank line, doesn't want the lyrics for a particular song to be timestamped at all, or wants to add /*comments*/ to lyrics, that must only appear in editor.

I think it would be best if the add-on just skipped blank lines and lines without timestamps not showing any kind of notice, and just focused on timestamped lines.
Hi trixmoto,

if you change the function getline in your script with the following code, you can bypass the problem with blank lines in the lyrics.

Code: Select all

Function getline(txt)
  If txt <> "" Then
    getline = Mid(txt,11,Len(txt)-10)
    getline = ""
  End If
End Function
I stumble over the error messages while playing with your add-on. First i thought it was a bad lyrics file, but then i found the blank line post from dolf-volkoff
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Re: Inline Lyrics 3.2 - Updated 29/07/2014

Post by Ria8 »

I love this add very much but I have songs that are in my native language (which is not a common one) and the add doesn't find lyrics to those. Is there a way for this add to get lyrics for these songs from a lyrics webpage from my country. Can I set that somehow? Or does anyone have an idea with which add can I do that? For the add to see lyircs from a spesific webpage?
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