Just List Albums 2.1 - Updated 17/03/2013

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Re: Just List Albums 2.1 - Updated 17/03/2013

Post by musicmafia »

trixmoto wrote:I believe it just processes the tracks in order, so you can make sure you sort the tracks in the list prior to running the report, and they should be sorted in the same order.

With regards to resetting everything back to default, try re-installing the script again, that should do it.
trix, thanks for your reply. i re-installed the script and it is working again however i still can't make any sense of the order. when you say "sort the tracks in the list prior to running the report" where is the list in MM? i can't see any window that displays just a list of artists and albums in MM. am i supposed to create a playlist first? i am just opening MM to all my music and running the report to get the list of just artists/albums and there is a lot of stuff out of order in the txt list.

also, is there a way to get compilations to all display together alphabetically by album title?

sorry, i know newbs are a pain in the arse but i'm trying :)
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Re: Just List Albums 2.1 - Updated 17/03/2013

Post by trixmoto »

The script doesn't pull out all albums in the system, it pulls out the albums of all of the tracks in the main window, or the tracks which are selected. So if you sort the tracks in the main window by the album order that you're interested in, the script should pick up the albums in that order.
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Re: Just List Albums 2.1 - Updated 17/03/2013

Post by balconybar »

Hey there,
I may be a little late to this party but I've been looking for a script to give me a simple album list. I've installed Just List Albums and the standard options I see are Artist and Album, with a track number after that. How do I alter that to show simply Artist - Album - Date (of album release)?
Second question - is the report capable of being sorted by any category?
Apologies, I'm not a techie but I can update simple language, I'm sure this must be customisable to some extent.
Many thanks in advance,
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Re: Just List Albums 2.1 - Updated 17/03/2013

Post by astronaut63 »

First thanks for some very useful scripts.

I just wanted to post that I too experienced the problem posted on the previous pages of "Just List Albums" giving an empty text file while "Just List Artists" worked fine
A bit of debugging showed that itm Album ID was always -1 (which then stops further processing) even though other information from the selected tracks was working fine
This happens when you are in the "My Computer" section at the bottom of the MM tree
It works fine if I select the tracks in the higher parts of the tree (including Location) and then I get the expected output
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