MediaMonkey for Android test builds [DEPRECATED]

Report bugs & feature requests for MediaMonkey for Android and learn about the newest beta build.

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MediaMonkey for Android test builds

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Note: MediaMonkey for Android test builds are no longer being posted to this thread and are instead being posted as 'MediaMonkey' builds on the Google Play store.

To participate:
1) Install the latest version of 'MediaMonkey' via ... nkey&hl=en

note: if you have 'MediaMonkey Beta' installed, first uninstall it.

2) Register in Google Play for the beta program via: ... ediamonkey

After a period of time, your MediaMonkey build will automatically be updated to the latest beta version (and will continue to be automatically updated with the latest beta builds unless you de-register from the beta program).

Test Notes:
  • MediaMonkey 1.2.0 and above are only compatible with Android 4+
  • If testing USB or WiFi Synchronization, please update to the latest version of the MediaMonkey for Windows beta build
  • Some functionality will expire after 15 days unless you update to MediaMonkey Pro. Installing a new build resets the timer.
Enjoy and please let us know what you think!

-The MediaMonkey Team