MM has taken over partial control of explorer

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MM has taken over partial control of explorer

Post by Theino1 »

Been using MM for years, love it,but... 3 days ago i wiped it and installed fresh new download on my win 10 system. I've always used Windows (XP/7/8.1/10) "single click to open". MM has only 1 default ".mmip" (MM package file). Today I noticed 3 other associations ".mm7I, .mm7np" both MM Windows 7 Controller, and ".mmdc" MMDC Audio File... Now, if I click on any folder with music or video files in it, (or for that matter, "C:" Click, "User" click) immediately MM opens and starts playing 3 Doors Down. Close it, still playing but gone off my screen. Open Process Manager and kill MM helper, music stops. Click on folder or "user" again, MM opens with 3 Doors Down, but I'm able to close it and music stops (and so on). The only way around this is to right click on a folder then click "open", then the same for the next folder etc, which totally defeats purpose of "single click to open". I administrator scanned my partition which contains my music and music videos with Avast and noticed some ":Zone.Identifier:$DATA" on some of the files, but don't believe they can command Windows to open a program and start playing. Any Ideas??? I can reload another MM, but this is weird (and Interesting)...
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Re: MM has taken over partial control of explorer

Post by Lowlander »

Tools > Options > OS Integration has the settings for file associations, you could disable things there.

However it remains odd that selecting a folder would open up MediaMonkey. It sounds more like some corruption in Windows (registry?) that is causing this problem.
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