Youtube ->SDB.Downloader.DownloadFile not updating screen

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Youtube ->SDB.Downloader.DownloadFile not updating screen

Post by kevin-australian » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:31 pm

help update screen
I have been hacking together code from a number of sources. Have come to a little wall and not sure about what you are meant to call after the call to the (SDB.Downloader.DownloadFile) is made.

Issue is with the vbscript or what to call next

What i have so far is
Download selective youtube.mp4----> Comes down with no tags ----> then i create the tags --->python web server and flask server holding area for youtube.mp4

python web server and flask server address

C:\monkey\youtube.mp4 is a dumping directory until i get the Channels and podcasts sorted out right

SDB.Downloader.DownloadFile "" + StringTitle+".mp4" , "C:\monkey\" + StringTitle+".mp4", True

objSonglist.UpdateAll ----- > i have this line not sure what it is doing --->> leave in take out does not help me

when i run the program it works it is updating the database lib --- when i try and use the add/rescan files it does not find any new files when i cancel....

wella screen is renewed and my youtube.mp4 is now showing on podcast sub ---> channel --> podcast list ---> life is all sweet yeeep hee yeep hee

Pressinjg f5 all does is refresh the current screen

need to renew program screen update display then

Any ideas please

thank you

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Re: Youtube ->SDB.Downloader.DownloadFile not updating scree

Post by Peke » Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:14 pm

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Re: Youtube ->SDB.Downloader.DownloadFile not updating scree

Post by kevin-australian » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:06 pm

Thank you Pavle for replying

I have Tried your suggestion and I must be doing something wrong with excution of the SDB.Downloader.DownloadFileEx

When i try this it is not updating the mediamonkey lib old code did update lib........

Code: Select all

SDB.Downloader.DownloadFileEx "" + StringTitle+".mp4", "C:\monkey\" + StringTitle+".mp4", Headers, "My Post body", true, StringTitle, ObjectAlbum_name, "notsure", "Podcast"

old code
SDB.Downloader.DownloadFile "" + StringTitle+".mp4" , "C:\monkey\" + StringTitle+".mp4", True 
What i might do is ( not to use the add to lid function) add atached to the files download.
I will download the podcast to the podcast structure then let the mediamonkey pick up and add to the lib database

what mediamonkey function do i have to call to access the File->Add-rescan files function please
this did work for me

thanks kev

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