Song repeats in 12 second intervals

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Re: Song repeats in 12 second intervals

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This was the clue that fixed it for me...

>>Postby MattTown » Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:12 am: I have just had MMV4.1459 do this to me. MM is set up with AutoDJ playing from from an autoplaylist. It had been running for an hour (no interaction from me since bringing the PC out of hibernation) and just started repeating the last 12 secs of one song.

i was having the same symptom (last part of song repeating) at first thought it was a problem with the rip of new MP3 files, but it started happening on pretty much every file (old or new). The mention of AutoDJ/Autoplaylist pointed me in the direction of looking at my specific playlist. i have my AutoPlaylist set to "maintain at least 20 upcoming files." The AutoPlaylist is using Last Played date to find stuff i haven't heard in a while, and it turns out that it had nearly exhausted the choices, dropping it below the 20 upcoming songs, at which point it got stuck/started looping...

i was checking all the wrong things because i thought the problem was with the currently playing song, but it was really with adding more to the list, or more specifically, not being able to do so. When i testing other possible fixes (like updating to the latest version), i just happened to add enough "test tracks" to Now Playing that it didn't need more from AutoPlaylist (yet), so i would think it was fixed, but when it dropped below 20 again, same problem, looping songs.

Related Note: i've had same/similar problem when using the SimilarArtists.vbs script. Sometimes when it runs out of choices, or gets to the end of a playlist, it throws an error... It's an awesome script/feature though, so i just deal with it... Usually restarting MediaMonkey or starting new playlist fixes that one...
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Re: Song repeats in 12 second intervals

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Create screenshot of and error or write down exact error.

Also opening support ticket and supplying debug log as described here ... ?f=12&t=69 would help us a lot to see what and where it happens.
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