Enforce use of sync mask on device sync

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Enforce use of sync mask on device sync

Post by olivechicago »

Added external device and left the "Sync files to" portion of "File Locations" option as default.
Ticked off a few albums, artists, and playlists.
Applied and sync'd.

Browsing the device I discover that the default 'music' location (\Music\Album Artist - Album) was used instead of the method I prefer.

I reconfigure the path mask, and ticked 'Enforce use of sync mask for files already on the device," applied and sync'd.

Audio files are now where I'd like them to be, but sure why, because the files from the intial sync are there as well.

I'm not too curious as to what was the reason for the files to now be where I wanted them (because enforce mask was used, or simply due to the second sync copying them over again,) as I am about if the method used was in fact the forcing of the mask, why weren't the originals removed from the device? Or is it not supposed to do that?
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Re: Enforce use of sync mask on device sync

Post by Lowlander »

Enforce mask should rename/move files already on the device according to the set mask.

Only files not on the sync list should be removed, if the files remained on the sync list they should be renamed/moved.
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