MMA now attempting to download videos, but didn't before

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MMA now attempting to download videos, but didn't before

Post by toyzrme »

Lowlander wrote:Don't have it selected in the Auto-Sync list tab on the Device Profile. One of the selections made includes the video.
I am running into this with the latest version - somehow the selection criteria is being evaluated a little differently, so now one of my Auto Playlists is picking up some videos.
The problem is, I don't know which one(s): the error messages in both MMA & MMW gives zero track or playlist information. So I just kept canceling the sync.
MMA="Waiting for track to convert", but no track or playlist information included
MMW="No codec found" - but for WHAT? NO other information is given.

How am I supposed to debug this on my own without being able to tell which playlist and track it's trying to sync?

Per the thread linked above, I understand what he was asking: I don't want to sync video to my phone. At all. Ever.

How can I just set a preference somewhere that says "don't sync video"?

FYI I sync ~50 Auto Playlists that use "Last Played", track count limits, and random order to mix things up (this makes GREAT playlists).
The PROBLEM is that whenever I select the playlist, I get a different list (as designed): but this means there's no way to tell which of the playlists was the problem playlist.

So, again, I need a blanket setting to disable syncing or converting any video.


I finally figured out how to get past
MMW: ~25,000 tracks, MM.DB on 16Gbps PCIe SSD (Samsung 950 Pro) - up-to-date, not Beta
MMA: ~12,000 tracks sync'd to phone - up-to-date, not Beta
PC: Windows 10/64, Skylake quad+HT @4.2GHz, 64GB RAM, 14TB RAID6
Phone: Galaxy S10 (128GB) + 400GB mSD card (Samsung EVO+)
Sync: all tracks rated >=3 sync'd to phone
.........all playlists only use tracks rated >=3
.........thus sync'ing is 99.99% playlist update - no tracks are sync'd, other than new purchases
Playlists: ~59 synced
..........most are auto-playlists
..........use attributes Rating, Last Played, Date recorded, Genre, Genre "contains", Path "contains"
..........many are nested, i.e. "Top AutoPlaylist" includes "Level 2 AutoPL #1" + "Level 2 AutoPL #2" etc.
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Re: MMA now attempting to download videos, but didn't before

Post by Lowlander »

You may have set one (or more) to use Entire Library instead of Music. Or have included videos in the Music Collection.
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Re: MMA now attempting to download videos, but didn't before

Post by rusty »

Try modifying the auto-conversion settings for the device profile as follows:
- For supported formats on device: disable all video formats
- For 'Convert the following formats...': disable any rules regarding video conversion

That should result in sync skipping any video files.

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