Video database? IMDb?

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Re: Video database? IMDb?

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+ for such a feature. Hopefully in the near future someone seriously will take on this challange and develops an addon for one of the movie DBs.
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Re: Video database? IMDb?

Post by dtsig »

cydog2001 wrote:DTSig, did you ever find anyone to help with creating video tagging addons? I sure hope so as I'm about at wit's end trying to tag all my video in MM.

(I've got 3.5 tbs worth of video and I'm sick of trying to do the copy/paste method of tagging from IMDb and TMDb.)
No ... nothing in MM. But if you want to track your bits you could use dvdProfiler (free 30 day version available). I have thousands of DVD/Blu-Ray and use dvdProfiler to track them. I also have many many thousands of vid files recorded from cable etc and also use dvdProfiler to track those. I would love something other than dvdProfiler and would LOVE IT if I could use MEDIAmonkey to do this (right now it is more TrackMonkey). But am hopeful it will move in that direction.

I would chip in for such an addon but this and, i can't remember what else i asked for, have gotten no takers. <shrug>
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Re: Video database? IMDb?

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cydog2001 wrote:Time for a little thread necromancy...

Is there any new relevant information to add to this thread?
*Push* Found this thread after writing in the feature request thread, and this here actually is exactly what I also want to point out. MM V4 got the basic abilities to maintain movies in it's database, but simply lacks the fundamental fields to do this in economic way.

First of all forget the sideline discussion about an imdb connection and just focus on relevant information about movies/clips/videos which are required to be stored to call MM a "movie database" and which are missing: Fields for actors and their role within a movie, the possibility to store various technical details (Aspect ratio, bitrate, video size, encoder,), spoken language(s), embedded subtitles; a new/extended table holding actor details and so on.

When searching on the net for a movie database I currently have the problem that either the (auto) tagging/sorting/renaming functions are crap or the database lacks critical fields for storing the tagged/retrieved information.

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Re: Video database? IMDb?

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Video Movie Tags. My work-around for this is to modify filenames (in Windows, My Videos folder) to include data that will not import from autotag. I append the filename in Windows to include the extra data - such as ACTORS. I then scan the video files into MM. Then use RegExp to strip data from the (modified) filename and move it to whatever fields I want.

The process:
I create a text file, two columns, comma delimited.
Text file column one is a list of all the movies (filenames) in my video folder.
Text file column 2 is is the same list but with added info, such as actors.
Column 1 - A Clockwork Orange (HD).mp4
Column 2 - A Clockwork Orange (HD)[Malcolm McDowell- Michael Bates- Warren Clarke.mp4
I wrote a VBS script that renames all the files according to column 2 (400 files in less than 1 minute)
Notice that I stuck in a brace [ character to make it easier to separate title from actors when using RegExp
Open MM and scan these renamed files
Use RegExp to move the extended data from the filename to whatever fields I want to populate.
Auto Organize to re-write back to my VIDEOS folder.
RegExp is great for batch processing large amounts of data changes in MM

Creating the text file was easy.
Use DirPrn to produce a list of all video filenames in My Videos folder
Use EMDB (Eric's Movie Database) to get a text file of all the movie data.
EMDB reads My Videos folder and scans the IMDB database for everything in my folder - then saves ALL the screen info into a text file. I now have all the data that MM will not autotag.

It may appear to be a complicated process but I just updated 400 videos to incluse ACTORS in about an hour. The only time consumer is scanning in and auto-organizing back out. I run that at night.

Caution: Windows file tags and MM tags get messy. Populate CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS in Windows properties and MM will populate DIRECTOR with this data. Auto Organize the same file back to Windows file and DIRECTOR from MM populates PRODUCER in the Windows file properties. (go figure)

Re: Video database? IMDb?

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Its hard to believe that after 7 years of video capability, MMW is still lacking on file management....i have a few tb worth of video files that still need tagging on forced to use kodi and plex but their metadata isnt encoded into the file....not sure if MMW can do this like an id3 but that would be nice.... more than anything, i would love an imdb is a horrible database
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Re: Video database? IMDb?

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MMW 4.x is limited on the matter. MediaMonkey 5 changes User experience Video collections completely, check latest Alpha versions in MM5 Alpha Forum.
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