Feature Request MM5

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Feature Request MM5

Post by lorie »

I did not see a General List of Feature Requests, so I hope it is all right to add a few thoughts. I have not downloaded the MM5 Alpha as I do not want to deal with crashes, etc quite yet.

But I hope that there will still be some way to integrate and embed the Synchronized lyrics function that has been provided by the old Crintsoft MINI-LYRICS add-on. I really wish it was a built-in function so that the "Mini-Lyrics window did not embed" error wouldn't happen. I also love the transparent Floating Lyrics option that add-on provides.

It would also be wonderful if there will be some way to save our custom layouts (such as Workspaces in many programs) so that it is easy to change between different views or get back to your preferred view when you change computers or do a new installation due to HD failure or new OS installation, etc.

Looking forward to the new release, but please do not 'dumb it down' too much. The highly-customizable features are what sold me on MM years ago and I have not used anything else since. (Noticed some discussion about the grid/list views... PLEASE do not abandon those. I am suffering through such a situation with the font manager I use; someone had the bright idea that the 'spreadsheet look' was not necessary. Please don't do that to MM!)


Re: Feature Request MM5

Post by mt5 »


i've just take a first look an MM5 using build and i also missed a feature: riping of audio disks don't support the disk-number anymore. I use a string like "<Disk#:2>.<Song#:2> - <Title>" to create the filenames (so i have all songs on multiple disks of an album in just one directory). This strings works on MM4.

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