Audio quality of ripped cd's

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Audio quality of ripped cd's

Post by TroubleClef »

I have a what is probably a dummy question about the quality of some of my flac files. I'm not an audiophile so I admit I don't know the basics about this stuff.

Background: I had my cd collection professionally ripped to flac by a company that seems to do pretty high end work. I learned after the fact that the company keeps all the rips for their own library so when the next customer comes in, if they have a cd that has already been ripped into the company library they just give that next customer the copy that already exists instead of re-ripping the same cd's over and over.

Question: a lot of my cd's I brought to have ripped were modern remastered, re-release versions of older albums. How can I tell whether the flac files I received from the company are rips of the improved quality remastered versions I actually own? Are the properties of the files like bitrate that might reveal this, or is it just subjective based on sound quality?

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Re: Audio quality of ripped cd's

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If they are Ripped BIT perfect if you BURN CD using Disk At once in MMW then Your original CD and BURN CD should have same CDDB/FreeDB ID eg. add Original CD in Drive and Add it to Library then insert BURN CD and MMW should detect it as original.

Tested on one of My CDs to confirm.
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