Saving multiple playlists

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Saving multiple playlists

Post by JamesSWER »

If I delete songs in my library and computer,will my many playlists be deleted. If so how do I save many playlists.
Reason why is I have 2 music folders, one is master folder which is the folder to make changes and replace songs w better quality mp3s, I do this every few months. The other folder is a copy of Master which is the one I use for Media Monkey.
What I do is make changes to Master folder then delete Media Monkey copy and library, then make new Media Monkey copy then have Media Monkey scan new Media Monkey. I do this so I'm making changed to One folder (Master)
Thanks, James
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Re: Saving multiple playlists

Post by Lowlander »

Playlists are saved in the database. Anytime you remove files from the database they're removed from the Playlist. If you clear the database or remove the database file the Playlists are lost.

You can backup the Playlists ( ... ey-library) or export the Playlists (Tools > Scripts > Export All Playlists).
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