Issues syncing Galaxy S9 Plus SD card

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syncing Galaxy S9 Plus SD card

Post by levanthai1 » Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:25 pm

Hi there,

I just switched from the iphone to a galaxy and am so so excited to finally have all of my songs on my phone. I bought a 200 gb SD card and sync'd about 160 gb of music last night (took a while). I went to bed when it was syncing and when I woke up there weren't any errors in MM and the transfer looked to be complete.

Went into my phone and neither the mediamonkey app nor the samsung music app could find music files. When you go into settings and look at the device storage, 0 audio files come up listed, although 160 gb of the card are shown to be full.

I navigated the SD card and found the files located in Android/Data/

Is there an issue with where these files are being saved? Is that why my phone can't find them? And if so, can I just move those folders to the default music folder? What about artwork and playlists?

Thanks in advance!

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