Some Troubles with reports

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Some Troubles with reports

Post by Ryan67 »

Hi, good people

please help me.... I am trying script Just list Albums 2.1 in following Album mask :

<Artist> - <Album> - <Year> - <Rating> - <Length>

an result is: American Blues - The Beginning Of ZZ Top - ???? - 0 - 75:39

I was trying Advanced report and Custom report, too.... and many problems with vbs. I am not able to finalize any total report with count CD, artist...

Thanks in advance
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Re: Some Troubles with reports

Post by AlanH »

HI I'm not 100% sure what your asking but MM doesn't have a column Year, It uses Date or Original Date.
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Re: Some Troubles with reports

Post by Lowlander »

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Re: Some Troubles with reports

Post by Peke »

Also There is No Album Length.
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