Traditional Searching Gone In MM 5

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Traditional Searching Gone In MM 5

Post by pterodactil.rex »

Tried out MM 5 searching today.

Did Edit ---> Search. Nothing happens but the drop down menu closes. I tried 3 times.
Then I notice a cursor bar and little drop down triangle appear on the second tool bar. It's
all orange, just like the tool bar, the user has no indication that there is a field to
type something into.

I type in one character (c) and Mr Monkey goes bananas. Up pop a bunch of icons. Some
are for artists with c in the last name. Some are albums with c in the album name. Some are
composers with c in the last name. Some are genres with a c. Then I get to the list of songs.
I didn't bother going through them. It's giving me all kinds of stuff and I haven't even been
asked what field I want to search. Sorry Mr Monkey. I am the human. I will tell you what to
do, not vice versa.

I move the mouse to the drop down triangle and get a drop down of cryptic search commands.
They look like something right out of DOS or UNIX. It's like turning the clock back 30 years.

I click Filter:On. Low and behold it's a file list view that looks a lot like the old search
results view. So, why isn't this under Edit --> Search ??

I've seen enough. Maybe I'll check back after a few more betas. I don't know about other users
out there, but without the traditional style of searching, I wont be upgrading to MM 5.

To keep everyone happy, restore the traditional Edit --> Search. If a user wants to use
bananas mode, they can just click on the search field in the tool bar.