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Contact: breaks the database

Post by oneoffbeat »

Installed the new version and immediately started getting SQL database error, something about drop table not working and database being locked. Symptoms were that the library update was stuck and the error message kept returning over and over whether I chose to cancel, retry or ignore it, also first time I launched the new version it requested program elevation, which I haven't seen MM doing for quite a while. Then tried to re-install just over the newer version, but the database was still broken (obviously) so I recovered both the User\AppData\Roaming\MediaMonkey and Program (x86)\MediaMonkey folder contents from backup files and then installed again and things went back to normal. I also launched Windows 10 compatibility troubleshooter, but without any help. Sorry, didn't save the screen shot or more detailed wording from the error message, since I went through the install and recovery process twice already in panic mode, so I hope my loose description about the error is giving away enough clues to make some conclusions.
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Re: breaks the database

Post by dgiraud »

Don't know whether it is the right place to post. Anyway it is related to the latest update.
I just installed the latest build and can't see my playlists anymore in the tree. ( Gold) Same for music.
When checking the properties of a file I can see it attached to playlists.
Also when I try "send to playlist" I can see the list of playlists.
Just found out: when on playlists in the tree I had to click on playlists in the title bar, select a playlist and then playlists show up as usual.
I have to do that for every sub-playlist in the tree.
Same for music.
It is annoying that every time I update MM I loose my skin and find some annoying things like these ones.
On the other hand I couldn't get rid of MM which have been fairly managing more than 12K files for years (since 2010)
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Re: breaks the database

Post by Lowlander »

Switch to the Now Playing node in the Media Tree (close any other tabs) and restart the PC. Then start MediaMonkey. That may get rid of any database errors.
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Open tabs can hold database locks

Post by OzPonder »

Lowlander wrote: Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:15 pm Switch to the Now Playing node in the Media Tree (close any other tabs) and restart the PC. Then start MediaMonkey. That may get rid of any database errors.
MMW but I found myself jammed up with "There was a problem querying the database: Error executing SQL statement DROP TABLE _TempPlaylistContent_2 : database table is locked (6,6) Cancel/Retry/Ignore". I found this thread and tried closing my extra tabs and just restarting MMW, and my issue was resolved. Does there already exist an option to close all tabs on exit, or should I request it on the enhancement request forum section? I would much prefer to start with only my first tab than end up with table lock issues.
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