Why did you complicate Add/Rescan

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Why did you complicate Add/Rescan

Post by yarguy »

Why did you decide to make the Add/Rescan process so much more complex and unwieldy in MM5? When I rip a cd (I don't use MM to do so) or download tracks, I do so to a folder called Copy to Here. That makes it easy for me to find the new tracks. To add them to MM4 here is all I have to do:

1. Click on File > Rescan....
2. MM opens to the folder Copy to Here
3. Click on sub-folder with ripped/downloaded tracks
4. Click OK

Here's what I seem to have to do in MM5

1. Click on File > Rescan...
2. Delete last used entry(ies)
3. Click on Add Location
4. Choose Local Storage
5. Select Drive
6. Select Copy to Here folder
7. Click on correct sub-folder
8. Click on OK

Maybe there is a way to simplify the process in MM5, but I haven't found it. If there isn't, could the have the old MM4 process back, please?
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Re: Why did you complicate Add/Rescan

Post by Ludek »

Why you are selecting a sub-folder? Why you don't simply rescan whole 'Copy to Here' folder? i. e. no interaction needed (both MM4 & MM5) as the last scanned folder is always rememvered.
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