Importing XML into MMW

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Importing XML into MMW

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I'm looking for a script that would import track tags from an XML file (created by Rekordbox) to update the MMW v4 database and also propagate some of those tags to the actual files. I have some (rusty) development skills and would like some advice on how to approach the development, so hope to get some support here.

My specific questions are:
- what would be the best language to develop the script so that it would run on MMW v4 but also could be relatively easy migrated to MM5? I think it's JavaScript but please let me know if there's a better;
- are there any example scripts I could look at that (1) parse XML, (2) look up the track in MMW and update the specific tags and (3) propagate these changes to the file?
- what mechanisms could be used to start the script, select the XML file and possibly pass some parameters, like a date based upon which changes in the XML file will be selected.

Thanks guys!
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Re: Importing XML into MMW

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The easiest would be JavaScript and target MM5 only. If you need MM4 support, then a slightly modified version of the JavaScript code should be quite easy to port for MM4.

Try to start with one of the sample scripts (included with MM5 installation), the basics should be quite obvious there, and you can ask any specific questions here then.

Hope it helps!

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Re: Importing XML into MMW

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