Sporadic volume fades on Android Audio radios

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Sporadic volume fades on Android Audio radios

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In the last week or so I have experienced sporadic volume fades while playing MediaMonkey playlists (a variety of playlists) on Android Audio radios. This occurs on both a Kenwood after market radio in my Porsche Boxster and the OEM radio in my Honda Ridgeline pickup truck. The phone in common is a Verizon Samsung 8 Plus.

I am thinking it must be MediaMonkey or the Samsung phone since they are the common variables. Any suggestions?


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Re: Sporadic volume fades on Android Audio radios

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If you do not hear any volume fades while playing In MediaMonkey for windows it is very possible that Volume Leveling is not enabled in MMA on S8+

To enable it go to ⋮ -> Options -> Level Volume

In addition to above please make sure that all tracks have been volume analyzed in MediaMonkey for Windows prior to sync
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