iPlaylist Importer 1.6 - Updated 25/05/2008

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Re: iPlaylist Importer 1.6 - Updated 25/05/2008

Post by Peke »

Unfortunately there is no easy followup, Apple keeps its sync protocols closed to third party apps and We can use only things that they allow us to use.

What iPod model you have? In recent user feedback we got there is number of Apple devices sync failing (Some issues are fixed and fixable) or deprecated by their measures and we still do not have open access to them in order to make sync possible according to our liking.

Personally as PC repair serviceman, Hardware/Software specialist and system Administrator I do have personal opinion on that. I am not the only one, you can for example see point of view from Mac repair group at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl2mFZ ... Lax4Yisf6w that live out of Mac Repairs or CBS documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XneTBhRPYk , but that is my personal opinion.

Our policy is that each user have its own personal rights to choose products suitable to their needs and we will try to support them as much as possible.

Can you Please explain in bit more details and steps you tried in order to let us analyze and try to resolve the problem.
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Re: iPlaylist Importer 1.6 - Updated 25/05/2008

Post by johninis1 »

I downloaded your script & it created my playlists on the computer but when I auto-sync, other palylists are copied but not mine. I double check to make sure I had selected them in the auto-sync setup. They will not copy to ipod.
Any ideas?

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