Start up directives or switches [#16098]

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Start up directives or switches [#16098]

Post by Blackcat12 »

Hi - Is there a list of command line startup switches available for MM5?

One thing that I do with MM4 is maintain a Windows shortcut to start MM for a given DB by specifying the ini file to reference during startup. One is for local listening and the other instance is for synchronizing my mobile music to my devices.

An example Windows shortcut target: X:\MediaMonkey\MediaMonkey.exe /INIFILE="X:\MediaMonkey\Portable\MediaMonkey_ipod.ini"

This works fine for MM4, but I cannot get it to work with MM5. I have MM 4/5 installed in Portable mode.

Also, with the latest build (2211) of MM5, I am getting a white screen when I specify a DBName=<path>\MM_MOBILE.DB under [System] in the default INI. When I start MM5, I am get a popup prompt asking if I want to convert my MM4 DB. I answer 'No', and immediately get a white screen.
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Re: Start up directives or switches

Post by PetrCBR »

Thanks. Tracked as 16098.
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