Auto-organize is deleting files!

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Auto-organize is deleting files!

Post by gideunz »

I have been trying to organize a bunch of video files. I created a new file path as I have many times before, but this time the files vanished after I clicked okay. Not only did they vanish but so did all of the subdirectories in the folder I was trying to move the files too. The recycling bin only has the folders; the files are nowhere to be found. I tested the function again with copy, not move, and I watched MM create a folder for the file and then delete it -- one second the folder is in the tree, and then it's gone. The folder is in the recycling bin but the new file has disappeared. I turned everything off and back on again. I'm mystified!
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Re: Auto-organize is deleting files!

Post by Lowlander »

Are you trying to Auto-Organize Files directly on an Android device? Which version of MediaMonkey are you using?
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