MM4 and Plex any Hints or Tips?

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MM4 and Plex any Hints or Tips?

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currently I'm storing all of my MP3 files on my local harddisk. I use MM4 to update the tags or to create playlists and much more.
On my Synology NAS, I'm running a Plex Media Server and from time to time I'm copying the local files to a network share which Plex scans to build its music library.

To simplify things, I thought about forcing MM4 to use the network share as well and drop any local files. I do not know if performance would go down within MM then.
Additionally, I don't know if those playlists I created in MM can be re-used within Plex.

So anybody use MM with Plex or a similar media server and could give some feedback?

Btw, can MM be linked to Spotify, too, to create Spotify playlists or even stream from Spotify to MM?

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Re: MM4 and Plex any Hints or Tips?

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MediaMonkey can be used with network storage. Generally not a performance issue with the media files themselves being on network storage.

Plex doesn't import Playlists itself. There maybe an Addon, but that often depends on the platform you're on if you can set it up.
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