2219; why isn't the Contextual Filter "contextual"?

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2219; why isn't the Contextual Filter "contextual"?

Post by Barry4679 » Wed Jan 08, 2020 8:08 pm

Why doesn't the Contextual Filter play nice with the Column Filter? ... ie. why isn't the filtered view that I have created, with the Column Filter, considered as my "context"

  • open a view, and filter it some way with the Column Filter
  • ensure that the Main pane has focus, and then type something to filter within the current context
==> This destroys my current context; resets the Column Browser to all null settings, and filters as if the Column Filer was not there.

WAD? ... I hope not.

BTW: it works OK the other way around. Steps:
  • open a view, and the Column Filter control
  • type something to apply a Contextual Filter
  • then refine this filter with selection in the Column Browser
==> Context is not destroyed; the Column Browser action is additive.

Posts: 1000
Joined: Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:07 am
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Re: 2219; why isn't the Contextual Filter "contextual"?

Post by Barry4679 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:15 am

Here are a further two situations where the Column Browser is not properly integrated into the MM5 UI.

1. Steps:
  • Open a collection for the 1st time ... or open it, and then initialise it's state, by opening a couple of sub-nodes, and making sure that the Column Browser is turned off
  • open a sub-node, say Album, go to Grid mode
  • open Column Browser, and set a filter, say Genre>AlbumArtist>Album, so filtered to 1 album
  • switch to List (by album) view
  • ==> context lost ... no filter ... unexpected, all I did was change View ... you destroyed my context
And this behaviour is inconsistent ... if, when the List (by album) view was last opened, the Column Browser was active, the result would have been different.

2. Steps:
  • Open a collection, setup Column Browser ... filter to something
  • Change to another sub-node within the same collection
  • ==> context lost ... no filter ... disappointed, and (somewhat) unexpected ... I did change sub-nodes, but this is within the same tab, and the same collection ... I would have preferred that you maintain my context... ie. Column Browser on|off, same configuration, and same filter values
    • you always destroy context when I (re)open a sub-node ... ie. not only you destroy context as described above, you don't even retain the context from when I last visited the sub-node ... ie. be in List View .. chose a track .. toggle to a different sub-node in the collection, then come back ==> previous track selection is lost
    • I don't think that it is helpful to always destroy context when switching sub-nodes within a collection ... my preference would be that you maintained the context of the sibling sub-node that I am switching from ... ie. only initialise fresh context, when I open a fresh collection

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