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Re: Mediamonkey 5?

Post by jmikelong »

Hi, All
I just read through this thread. I have been using MM since Version 3. I bought a lifetime license for MM 4. I have been very pleased with the program in general and thankful for the Dev team's updates. MM 4 has to be one of the best values of the multitudes of programs that I have purchased over the years. I am beta testing MM 5 right now and I am running it in portable mode to jump back and forth with MM 4. IMHO, MM 5 is going to be a great step forward and the fact that I have to buy a new license is not a concern when I consider the amount of work that is going into the new version. (As long as the price is not too high :-). If you are an audio fanatic you need to download MM 5 Beta and give it a test drive. I suggest installing it in portable mode so as not to interfere with your current version. The Dev team releases new builds that need to be applied. I am anxiously waiting for a stable build to be released and new scripts to start appearing. Thanks for reading. Mike
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Re: Mediamonkey 5?

Post by kris.sparky »

Mediamonkey 5 has been just around the corner for more than 7 years now.
I'm glad your beta is going well, but I disagree with the licence situation, it would suck to buy MM4 right now and then have to pay again to get MM5 if it was to be released a week later.
The lack of any real date for its release has to be discouraging users and hurting sales.
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Re: Mediamonkey 5?

Post by sterlingm »

Other software I've purchased would grandfather licenses for users who purchased the last version within the last year.

So if a person where to purchase MM4 within a year of the release of MM5 they could either, provide a license to those users for MM5 or provide a 75% reduction.

This way sales of MM4 can continue and customers who are buying now still have a sense of confidence they will be treated fairly if MM5 comes out "soon".

Just a thought.
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Re: Mediamonkey 5?

Post by Oztours »

Wow, this thread has been going since 2013 and still getting hits. I found it whilst researching if I should finally relent and try MM5 Beta. Here's my thoughts.

If your a "dyed in the wool" MM user, just do it. Easily installs as a separate version leaving your current one intact. You should also note that any changes you make in MM5 will automatically reflect in MM4 once you run a rescan of your folders.

Although it has what I think are some minor bugs (I may be wrong - after just 2 days of testing it may well be something in settings), I am loving it. Need to spend some more time in testing, but it is looking like I may be happy with it and won't bother going back to version 4.

Service. You can't beat it. On one occasion with MM4, I required assistance retrieving purchased codecs and despite the fact it was some years after the "you must download by...", they did not bat an eyelid and helped me out. You don't get that sort of service elsewhere.

As far as the cost is concerned, go back to page 5 and see this post. ... 60#p458494
In my particular case, I have been a Lifetime user since 2010 and some quick maths suggests for the € 34.0 it cost me, that works out at approximately € 0.01 per day which begs the question how do they actually make money? If they turned around now and said I had to pay again, I wouldn't bat an eyelid just as they did to help me out when I needed it. I for one have certainly got my value out of the lifetime membership. Thank you Ventis Media/MediaMonkey.
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Re: Mediamonkey 5?

Post by alb123 »

I've been a happy user of MediaMonkey for well over a decade. I always believed it was a very intuitive, no-nonsense, fast music library manager, and player. I recommended it to others probably as much as any other piece of software in my life. It wasn't the prettiest application ever made, but it was what it was and it did what it did incredibly well. Honestly, I love MediaMonkey and I always will. BTW, I know MM does more than just manage music, but it was my exclusive use for MM.

Yesterday, I decided to try the latest MediaMonkey 5 build. Major, major disappointment. It looks awful, to me. And that's all I'm going to say. I wrote a long post but I decided to delete it. There is no sense in me getting into details about anything because I absolutely am not trying to offend anyone who has contributed to this project. I love MM 4. Do I think it is perfect? No, but you'll have to knife fight me before I ever let someone even try to remove it from my computers. I shouldn't even be posting this. People are going to think I'm an bad and I probably deserve that. I've really bummed myself out because I was hoping that I could write all sorts of positive things. Maybe some music will cheer me up...

I apologize to any MM contributor/developer if my words offended you.
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Re: Mediamonkey 5?

Post by Peke »

Why do you think we will be offended, and if so after 10+ years of your trust it is possible that we deserved some. There is no need, I would gladly read your long post and give arguments, facts, apology or even add/assigned things to devs to change/fix apron your suggestions. To be honest I was in your shoes 5 or 6 years ago when I firstly tried to test and install MM5 (and I use MM exclusively for 18 years from v0.x first Alphas).

I was devastated that UI I got used is overhauled and I could not find anything. I even argued with rest of team "Why?".

To be honest and I confessed to them recently that MM5 is much more organized and easier to work with than MM4 eg. found out that for some info I like to to have in my files in MM4 I needed to have Browser open, now in MM5 I get by default and I only thing I need to do is Copy/Paste. In other cases where plugins are missing I have found out that expanding MM5 would be even easier (you have developer console in debug version to see changes in realtime) and it is ready for next 18 years.

If it is possible please write that HATE post or we will certainly think that MM5 is perfect and nothing needs to be changed.
Best regards,
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Re: Mediamonkey 5?

Post by Lowlander »

It's common to have a good portion of long time users be upset about changes a new release makes. You see it with all software development. It's also common that if those users give it a shot that after a while they wonder how they got things done in the old version. It's simply part of being used to doing things a certain way. Give it a chance and you make come to love it too.

And where you're missing a feature, can't do a task, request it and it may get considered.
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Re: Mediamonkey 5?

Post by nauip »

I keep considering buying a license as I am a long time user of MM and for a very brief moment every now and then I feel a pang of guilt that I just keep using the beta and getting all the paid features (or at least I think I am). I've recently updated my version 5 "beta" and once again I check to see if I can buy a license for it. And again yet another year passes where I can't buy version 5. I don't see the sense in buying version 4 because 5 is right here playing my music and syncing my phone.

Maybe this Christmas I'll gift myself the Lifetime License.
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Re: Mediamonkey 5?

Post by MarkSabier14 »

Fabulatic wrote: Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:21 pm I am so looking forward to this! :D Hope the first Beta is out soon. With my new XPS 15 4k Display MM is not really a pleasure to use and I don't want to waste my time adjusting a theme when the new version will be out soon.
I was looking forward to this, but now I don't like it
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