MMA sync issues / no-connection / art work missing

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MMA sync issues / no-connection / art work missing

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I added a few songs to MMW. Next I added the album art in MMW. I tried to sync from MMA via WiFi to get the new music added to my mobile. It failed. I tried a few times until it suddenly worked fine. The files were copied to my android phone. I then noticed the album I just added before to MMW are not shown on MMA. So, I tried to sync again. But sync failed. Connection to server failed. I spend more than an hour to get MMA connectin to MMW, again. Searched help pages. Found that old help page talking about MM8 (I have windows 10!): ... ork-at-all. But desperatley went through the list of checks anway. UPnP connection did not work as well. Disabled the Firewall on Windows, etc. Rebooted PC and mobile. No effect. Frustrated. Considered to get rid of MM completely...

Next day. Going to continue to search for the reason, but tried to sync again first. MMA was searching for sync server, searching, searching... until it finally found it! Issues sync. Sync completed. However, album art still missing on MMA.

Question 1: What could be the reason why WiFi sync seemingly randomly works occasionally, but doesn't work more often.
Question 2: Why is album art not updated on MMA once it was added to the song in MMW?

My MMW: (Standard Edition)
My MMA: (MediaMonkey Pro)