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Just wondering,

Do you collect full discographies or are you more specific to what you have in your library? The reason I'm asking is I have the tendency to collect everything from studio albums, greatest hits, Live, deluxe or expanded editions, box sets, etc.... I find I kind of always go back to listening to the original studio releases like back in the days when I was taking my hard earned money and going out and buying LPs. This creates a lot of duplicates with compilation albums when there are only 1 or 2 new songs. I think that maybe 75% of the live albums are not very good, apart from a few classic albums the sound (sometimes the band) really sucks. Live concert for me also have a visual component that makes listening to a live performance not appealing. And nowadays there is all those reissues, remastered, deluxe or expanded edition with songs that never made the original cut or demo that are barely listenable or rough mix or alternate mix that sometimes you can't even tell the difference.

Anyways just though I ask to question to see what you guys do, I feel I have tons of stuff in my library that I don't (or wont) listen to but I have to have for the sake of having a complete discography.
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Re: Discographies

Post by Peke »

I tend to buy compilations and Singles not whole albums. Old DJ habit, when I found out that buying Albums takes too much space and often do not contain exotic versions of track I like to use in my set. Much less duplicates and even if tehy are duplicates often same content so I leave only one in library.
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Re: Discographies

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For me it depends on the artist so i guess my answer is no i don't always go for complete discographies. I play my music mostly 'auto-dj' so anything in the collection could be played.
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