Accessing MM on Android

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Accessing MM on Android

Post by froman »

I'm a newbie at the edge of my technical range here.

If this is well documented, just point me in the right direction.

1. I just set up a Synology NAS and am now accessing my media library through my windows PC.
2. Within MM, I have enabled UPnP/DLNA
3. My goal is to access my music through MM on android, and broadcast it to some wireless speakers. For now, I'm stuck accessing my music on android.
4. Within Android, I accessed selected UPnP servers, but it didn't work out. For a moment, it detected the IP address of my windows machine, but not the NAS. And now, it's perpetually searching for any server.

Appreciate any guidance here.
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Re: Accessing MM on Android

Post by Lowlander »

Make sure your phone is on the same network (not a guest wifi) as you PC and NAS. DLNA only works on the same network: ... ccessible/
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