Commenting on tracks/albums

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Commenting on tracks/albums

Post by lilzetha »

Hi there, are there any plans to allow people to comment on tracks/albums in the android app? Ideally this would sync from the device to the PC.

I listen to a lot of music while walking my dogs or at work. I'd like to record thoughts I have about albums or tag them as something to show my wife later.
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Re: Commenting on tracks/albums

Post by beachatlast »

I have the same use case. AKA, a passenger in a long car ride, on a plane, etc.. only have android and want to listen to and tag genres etc.. and have them sync to the PC. I tested this and it does not work. However, it does work when tagging on PC to sync to android. My only alternative is to pack a small PC that is synced and do it from there?
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Re: Commenting on tracks/albums

Post by Peke »

We plan to make our own Tagger in MMA 2.0 so this will be more talked about then.

Currently in MM5 user can't comment Albums (MM4 had that feature, but it made more problems than it was useful), but library is still capable to support comments in Albums and left for future versions here we can really use it.
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