PS3 vs PS4 media server access.

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PS3 vs PS4 media server access.


I'm having an extremely hard time with this one all the way around. I have no clue how to even search for the solution to this, so I'll probably be the first to ask about it.

As if the title didn't give this away, I have an issue to work out that seems to literally make no sense. How is it that my ps3 can access my mediamonkey server no problem, yet my ps4 is denied at every turn, regardless of the fact that I allowed it? I Quad-checked to make sure that the IP address was in fact allowed, I rebooted my ps4 from scratch, i stopped/restarted the server 6x.... My ps4 can see my server, but access is denied no matter what I do. My ps3, on the other hand, can access the server and contents no problem.... just can't play any of them yet as they are in flac and ps3 can't play flac but still access is granted. But oh no, not my ps4. How is this possible? And How can I fix this? At least the ps4 plays flac ok, i just need to grant access somehow.
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Re: PS3 vs PS4 media server access.

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Have you tried removing any unrecognizable clients as well as the PS4 from the client list. It should then request access again in MediaMonkey (make sure to share automatically is enabled in MediaMonkey Media Server settings).

This may work better for you in MediaMonkey 5.
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