IPOD sync options

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IPOD sync options

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I was wondering if there will be more updates to refine sync options for IPOD and other devices.

I am trying to sync songs that I rated 5 & 4 stars from specific artists in my mediamonkey library to my IPOD, but currently if I select a specific artist and songs with 5 & 4 ratings when I am choosing "which files to keep sync" in my IPOD sync auto-sync options, mediamonkey will sync all of the selected artist's songs (regardless of song rating) and all songs with 5 & 4 ratings from my entire song collection.

If this can already in Mediamonkey Gold version, then I would appreciate any assistance in this manner. But, if not, then I think is should be considered for a future update.
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Re: IPOD sync options

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AutoPlaylists allow for this type of finetuning: https://www.mediamonkey.com/wiki/WebHel ... ylists/4.0
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