Music library not updating after changing SD card

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Music library not updating after changing SD card

Post by Mopsie »

Hi everyone,

Phone: Nokia 8 TA-1012
MMA Version
MMA PRO license
MMA Beta Channel

My music library is empty and does not find or auto update. MMA (Choose media folders) is pointing to the correct Media folders and if I open the "Folders" directly in MMA I can find and play the MP3 music files, but Album Artist, Albums, tracks etc is empty and won't update

How it happened:
I have been using MMA for the last 12 months without any issues.
I have recently upgraded the SD card in my Nokia 8 from 64GB to 256GB.
I ejected the old SD card and copied everything to the new SD card.
I put the new SD card in my phone and switched it on.
Started MMA and the media library was empty.
I realised that the new SD card had new mount point. So I opened the "settings7Choose library folders" and saw that my new SD card was in the list and added the music folder on the new SD card as a source.
I pressed Check for new/changed media and MMA said it was scanning, but doesen't update the library.

Other music APPS I have installed told me that they couldn't find the old music path, asked me to select a new path and then rescanned the library. Then everything worked again.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling MMA + Pro Key, nothing has helped :-(

Am I doing something wrong?
Is this a bug and should I report it as a bug?
Can Anyone help me fix this?

Re: Music library not updating after changing SD card

Post by Mopsie »

I found a solution which worked :-)

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