Show Art gives incomplete listing

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Show Art gives incomplete listing

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Show Art gives an incomplete listing of my albums but Show Art with Details correctly lists all the albums. For example, using Show Art I can see only 18 albums for the letter B, whereas I have 20 albums under B. At the start of the listing, Show Art correctly reports B(20) but only displays 18 albums.

My configuration displays 6 thumbnails in a row. If A is the number of albums under a given letter of the alphabet, and R is the number of thumbnails in a row, then Show Art displays Int(A/R)*R and not A, which it should. So, for the letter B, 18 = Int(20/6)*6. The error is not consistent and occurs for most letters of the alphabet, but not all.

Can this be fixed?

[I'm using MM, Win 10. Everything else works fine on the PC and is up-to-date.]