Unusual Error #429

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Unusual Error #429

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I know there are hundreds of web pages dedicated to fixing VBScript runtime error #429, but I've run into an odd instance of the error in a MediaMonkey script of mine that seems different from those I've seen described.
Error #429 - Microsoft VBScript runtime error
ActiveX component can't create object 'SongsDB.SDBApplication'

This error occurs on only 2 of 6 computers I've tested it on. The script runs fine on the other 4.
All 6 instances of MM are portable.
The CreateObject in question is the 3rd to be executed. The other 2 succeed.

Code: Select all

  Set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
  Set oShell=CreateObject("Shell.Application")
  Set SDB = CreateObject("SongsDB.SDBApplication") 
Portable MediaMonkey itself runs on all of these computers. It's just my script that fails on 2 of them.

5 of the computers are running x64 Win 10 21H1. 1 is running x32 Win 7. The two failing instances are on Win 10 computers.

The problem seems to be related to something enabled with an installed version of MM. The computers with the failing script do not have an installed copy of MM; the 4 computers successfully running the script have an installed version - 2 with MM2.5, 1 with MM3, 1 with MM4.

I tried installing MM4 on one of the problematic computers. When I did, the script worked in the portable version. When I uninstalled MM the script stopped working in the portable version. Something set in the hard installation of MM must set something the ActiveX needs. I guess I could install MM on every computer that I'm likely take the portable version but that sort of negates the value of portable MM. Is there an way I can get around this error? Obviously the portable MM itself has no trouble creating that object.
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