Batch fetch Lyrics

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Batch fetch Lyrics

Post by onlinedynamic »

The 'update tags' option for lyrics in the Background metadata lookup is good but at the moment up have to select each file for it to work. I have 9000+ songs without lyrics and I would like to set MM running across themyou and let them auto update the lyrics metadata.

Would also be good to be able to display lyrics on top of visualisations when playing tracks
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Re: Batch fetch Lyrics

Post by IanRTaylorUK »

An approach you might want to consider.

Create a couple of Collections for "No Lyrics" e.g.
1). No Lyrics AND Not Played Recently (with my setup, MMW searches for Lyrics when playing so I focus on the "Not Played")
2). No Lyrics AND Played Recently (can be useful to see if a problem with - for example - album name etc. )

Using the "Criteria" in these Collection e.g.
a). Type = Music
b). LastPlayed > 90 days
c). Bit Rate > 160
d). Track Length between 45,600
e). Artist / Album Artist doesn't equal Various

Select the Collection in the Tree Node then select all files (or a few hundred at a time).

Right click to select the Lyricator add-on option with All Configured sources / sited. Normally takes a second or two to complete the search for each track. If Lyrics are found then the counter (top right) gets updated.

The add-on page seems to be down at the moment so I can't reference the Lyricator Add-On.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I manually add "Instrumental" for albums / tracks that obviously have no lyrics! This then removes them from the above collections.
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