No new packaged releases?

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No new packaged releases?

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I'm wondering if there will be new packaged releases? The last version is 0.4.3 from end of Jan (which didn't work well for me).
How can I continue testing? Cloning the GIT repository and building MMS myself?
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Re: No new packaged releases?

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Yes, you can always clone the repository and run/build MMS from source. There hasn't been much development activity lately, but MMS has in no way been abandoned. There definitely will be new packaged releases eventually, though I can't provide any estimate for when that'll happen.
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Re: No new packaged releases?

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allwi wrote: Sun Apr 24, 2022 3:57 pm I'm wondering if there will be new packaged releases?
To add to @drakinite , yes there willbe packaged versions on NAS versions, but for now it takes too much time to make it work on each nightly (to create installation package on my QNAP it takes 17h+).
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