Blu-Ray + MM = true?

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Blu-Ray + MM = true?

Post by Dr.Sol »

Hoping someone have more experience about Blue-ray than I have:

Is it possible playing blue-ray movies in MM? If so, what do I need to get it work? Are there any Plugins to install? I couldn't find any info about blue-ray support in the forum, but I didn't find nothing that it doesn't work either, so in lack of information I ask.

Do you have any suggestions of other software If there are no possibilities using MM for Blue-ray movies? I thought that Microsofts Windows media player would work, but nope not for blue-ray, only for dvd. Then I found that VLC-player, should work if you installed some blue-ray driver-routines, but the player suddenly freezed and I had to restart the player. Frustrating. And all shareware I've found so far demands you to be online to work. Why? Do they steal information about you? The film is on the blu-ray disk.

But maybe there are some software to buy somewhere, that only plays the film? I mean like a stand alone blue ray player does or windows media player do when you want to look on a dvd film?
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Re: Blu-Ray + MM = true?

Post by Lowlander »

As far as I know the encryption of Blu-Rays prevents most apps from playing them.
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