HowTo?: disable Stop/Start in "Playing"

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HowTo?: disable Stop/Start in "Playing"

Post by Timo_Beil »

If "Playing" is called in the main panel, a single click anywhere in the window is sufficient to stop/start the playback. (Except in the list view)
This leads to surprising interruptions (especially if I'm fuzzing arround with a trackpad).
Is there a way in the skin to turn off this function?

[REQ]: Or even more ingenious: How about a mouse click triggered player-control that pops up similar to the window control in the upper right corner of "Playing"? A Player replacement for the fullscreen mode.
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Re: HowTo?: disable Stop/Start in "Playing"

Post by drakinite »

The play/pause on click functionality is defined in controls/backgroundImage.js. It listens for a click on its parent element and then runs the play/pause action.

Try adding this code to controls/backgroundImage_add.js in an addon:

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    initialize: function($super, parentel, params) {
        $super(parentel, params);
        app.unlisten(this.container, 'click');
- General info on how to make an addon: ... iaMonkey_5
- ClassName.prototype.override: ... )#Override
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