MM4 to 5 changing computer & file locations

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MM4 to 5 changing computer & file locations

Post by mek »

I am changing computers, my current machine (will still be available to use if needed) is running MM on Win10 and my music files are on the local drive.

New machine just arrived its Win 11, I want to load MM5.

Next I want to move all my music to a NAS (existing and running).

Any help on the proper way to do the upgrade? What do I do first?

Do I upgrade on existing machine, get the database working correctly, move the files, change file locations , get mm5 working with new file locations on old machine and then install MM5 on new machine and copy the DB?

Is there a better route?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: MM4 to 5 changing computer & file locations

Post by Peke »

The best way would be to use MM4 on OLD PC (Connected over Wired connection) along with Auto-Organize to MOVE all music to NAS Shared folder (by NAS i do not mean WD My cloud solutions that are mostly not real NAS or hard to setup as plain NAS).

After that:
1. Select all tracks in MM -> Tools -> Auto Organize files
2. Point to NAS Share (looks like this \\MYNASSHARE\Music or \\\Music\, not like M:\) HINT: I suggest that you copy/paste that address as prefix to Organize destination mask.
3. Press OK and be patient toll MM say all is done
4. Once done you cam work on moving MM library (MM.DB/MM5.DB to net PC ... ini-files/
5. Once you moved to new PC and imported/upgraded library all should be there and playable.

EDIT: So process would be done this way: MOVE FILES TO NAS -> SETUP MM5 and copy existing library on new PC -> Happy Monkeying!
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