Mediamonkey crashing and unusable

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Mediamonkey crashing and unusable

Post by adakwa »

Description: MMA crashes any time I try to open the playlists view and some times when I just open the app it says "repairing database" and then crashes. it now also crashes when I try to play the current song.

Phone: oneplus 7 pro model GM1915
Mmw 5.0.3 2627
MMA pro version
Android 11
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Re: Mediamonkey crashing and unusable

Post by martin.bohac »

Your database was malformed.
I assume you have a huge library of tracks and playlists.
Verify that you have enough space on primary storage.
Logs sent over the internet have a size limit and the library database was omitted.

However, it would be helpful to have your database for tests.
You could use "save" button in "Send logs dialog" to store complete logs as zip file and attach it here. Thanks
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