Only scan for playlists in one folder (UPnP)

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Only scan for playlists in one folder (UPnP)

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I only use MM on my computer that isn't always used. I backup my toons to a NAS but their "home" is on that one computer. On the NAS, I use a folder ("Playlists") that contains al my MM created m3u files that use a relative path for the tracks. I have a few toons folders & this works for me accessing the playlists wherever I need to.

I just bought a ChromeBook for the shed out back, installed MMA Pro, use the UPnP feature and it's great. Is there anyway I can instruct MMA to only look for m3u files in only my 'playlists' folder and not scan the whole UPnP serving NAS? Way too many unwanted album playlists cluttering it up!
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Re: Only scan for playlists in one folder (UPnP)

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MMA via UPnP depends on the DLNA Server for content shown. So MMA has no control over this and instead you'll need to configure the DLNA Server on the NAS.
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