Play Now and Play Next behaviors changed

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Play Now and Play Next behaviors changed

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I've been happily using MM4 Gold for many years now. For most of that time, I could open MM, double left-click any track to start it playing, then when it was done playing it would automatically advance to and play the next track, and the next track, and so forth until I selected Stop. That's exactly how I wanted it to behave across the entire program, regardless of what playlist I might be in or anything like that.

However, quite a long time ago, those behaviors changed after having to uninstall/reinstall MM several times. Now, I have to right-click the track I want to play first and choose Play Now (instead of left double-clicking it) and, instead of automatically advancing and playing the next track when it's finished, the first track will just repeat playing until I select Stop. Then, I have to again right-click that track and choose Play Now. Rinse and repeat.

I have spent hours changing the Player settings and the Playback Rules settings to every combination and variation I could, and the behavior will change in other ways sometimes, but never back to the original "left double-click Play", then "auto Play Next" scenario.

My playback settings are now a bit of a mess, so what should the Player and Playback Rules settings be to get back to where it used to be, as well as any other play settings I might not be aware of.

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Re: Play Now and Play Next behaviors changed

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If you have "Tools/Options/Player/Default Double Click Action" set to Play Now, and it doesn't play now... then that's a tough one. I'd start by renaming the MM.INI file and let the configuration start over.
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